1. Condition:

    “Pinched nerve C7-T1, severe pain in shoulder, forearm, and hand. Scheduled for surgery.”


    “Never had the surgery, pain-free.” - Bill Meyers, age 60

  2. Condition:

    “Arthritis in neck, back, and hips.”


    “99% perfect.” - Elaine R. Fier, age 75

  3. Condition:

    Usually back or upper-back shoulder pain.


    Feel completely healed and pain-free. Feel like I’m floating. It’s like a little bit of heaven.” - Julianna Sciolla

  4. Condition:

    Elbow tendons and back sacroiliac joint issues.


    Excellent, neck improved.” - Andrea Zacher, age 47

  5. Condition:

    In tremendous pain, electrical nerve shock in foot.


    Perfect – situation is cured.” - Peter Deutsch, age 44

  6. Condition:

    I came to the office with a stiff neck, tight shoulders on one occasion; another visit was for severe sinus pain and congestion (from allergies?).


    “Two weeks of visits (biweekly) resulted in great improvement of neck and shoulder condition – chiropractic was my usual treatment strategy - didn’t want the “neck cracking” solution. Eileen’s treatment worked as well - maybe quicker. The sinus treatment yielded immediate improvement - pain was gone upon leaving the office.” - Danita A., age 51

  7. Condition:

    Arthritis, osteoarthritis, pulled muscles.


    Pain was definitely reduced, swelling would go down and my body would feel very relaxed.” - Eileen S., age 48

  8. Condition:

    As a result of a car accident, the muscles in my neck and back were in constant pain and spasm. The accident even caused my personality to change. I was more anxious, tense and impatient.


    I noticed an immediate difference after my first acupuncture session. I was much more patient in dealing with stressful situations and felt less anxious and on edge. The combination of acupuncture and physical therapy also helped loosen my clenched muscles, increased my range of motion and reduced my overall chronic pain.” - Chris K.

  9. Condition:

    Severe neck stiffness, soreness, and pain - inability to turn head without severe discomfort.


    After Ms. Karn’s treatment of multiple sessions it was pain-free and had complete ability in turning from one side to another.” - Michele D., age 60

  10. Condition:

    Stress fracture, hamstring tear, various muscle, ligament and joint injuries.


    Always improved, often cured - sometimes in treatment combined with conventional medical and therapeutic treatment.” - Bob C., age 74

  11. Condition:

    “Lower back pain, ‘tennis’ elbow, knee injury, bronchitis.”


    Many of the various imbalances of the body over the years have been greatly helped by the healing work of Eileen Karn. Both sports injuries and sinus conditions have been treated through acupuncture to healing effect.” - M.C., age 73

  12. Condition:

    Pre- and post-op hip replacement, foot surgery, life trauma.


    I had acupuncture both pre- and post-op - as close to surgery date as possible. The benefits and success is remarkable. Little pain and very rapid recovery and return to activities - the surgeons were amazed and delighted.” - C.P., age 65+

  13. Condition:

    Various conditions treated over the years - acute injuries, depression, fibromyalgia, sciatica, back pain, neck pain.


    Always walk away with a greater sense of calm and centeredness. When dealing with injuries, I felt pain relief.” - J.T., age 42

  14. Conditions:

    Involuntary lower thigh nerve movements.


    Acupuncture reduced movements considerably.” - H.G., age 74

  15. Condition:

    Extreme fatigue.


    The results were great.” - K.S.

  16. Condition:

    No sex drive, no desire, no thoughts about sex, low sexual activity (blocked emotionally/sexually) somewhat from expressing self in relationship with husband.”


    Increased thoughts and desire for sex, increased sexual activity, more open and loving towards husband.” - S.D., age 39

  17. Condition:

    Stress-induced middle back tightness, stressed-out mind, and feminine complication."


    I am more centered, calm, open to life, bigger heart center, more able to handle daily life with serenity. No back tightness and no other problems in the body at this time. Hooray!” - L.C., age 40

  18. Condition:

    Sciatica, a lot of pain and discomfort across my back, through my butt, and down my leg, into my ankle.


    Wonderful! Sometimes it takes one visit, sometimes three visits, but (Eileen) always gets the job done depending on the intensity of the pain.” - R.P, age 63

  19. Condition:

    Back pain.


    Relaxed and more mobile in the low back area. Definite pain relief.” - Karen R.

  20. Condition:

    Back pain from bulging disc and tingling and burning in feet and severe pain in left leg


    Tingling and burning in feet gone. Back pain not as severe-much less pain in the leg.” – C.C., age 75

  21. Condition:

    various conditions.


    Acupuncture was great. Always felt great and relaxed after session.” - Amy Altmann

  22. Comments on Meridian
    Wellness Center

    “Serene, comfortable, inviting, professional convenient.” - Michele D.

    "A fine open, relaxing place to receive treatment and consultation.” - Bob C.

    “The entire space is superb. The acupuncture process is relaxing and healing.” - M.C.

    “The new space is beautiful, serene, and conducive to healing”. - J.T.

    “Very clean and calming. Excellent soothing environment.” - Andrea Zacher

    “Very relaxing place. I loved it!” - K.S.

    “Meridian Wellness Center is very peaceful and inviting.” - S.D.

    “The new space is spectacular.” - Peter Deutsch

    “Great space with good vibes. Pleasant to come to and good parking.” - Amy Altmann

    " Maybe it’s the anticipation of the balanced, natural healing you’ll receive from her hand.” - Danita A.

    “Good parking, well-appointed waiting area and treatment rooms; a comforting place.” - Bill Meyers

    “The new space is very open and welcoming.” - Eileen S.

    “Great, very relaxing.” - R.P.

    “You feel from the moment you walk in you start to heal just being in their presence, or in the calm, healing vibe of the center.” – Julianna Sciolla

    “Lovely, warm and relaxing.” – Karen R.

    “Very nice location, space, and atmosphere.” – John Clements

    " Such a lovely place to complement the excellent treatments given there.” - C.P.

    “Meridian has a very calm and soothing environment. Its atmosphere is great for relaxing during a session.” - Chris K.

    “Serene, open, peaceful, comfortable.” - L.C.

    “The office has a calm soothing environment – you feel better just upon entering.” – Danita A.